how do you look into the eyes
of someone you love
and tell them that they aren’t right for you?
that you aren’t right for them?
that the blazing fire
has been doused by harsh realities
too unmistakable to ignore

everyone enters our lives for a reason
some are companions from our classes, our teams, our orchestras
we undergo exams, championship games, and concerts together
but they are seasonal – once the class ends, the game is won, the curtain drops
our common joys and suffering disappear over time, and so do our relationships

what if soulmates were seasonal?
complex individuals who bring something unique to our lives
during a season we need it most
sunshine and laughter after a devastating loss
soul-searching depth as we wrestle with the shallowness of our realities
unconditional acceptance as we learn to love ourselves
and through it all – growth.

but what happens when you outgrow each other?
when it becomes too apparent that your lives are headed in different directions
that the path once shared, once travelled together, is splitting directly in half?

how do you say goodbye?


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