“follow your heart” they say
“it’s never too late” they say
movies make this promise with their climatic scenes
sprinting through the airport
& catching the person seconds before takeoff
driving through the rain at 2am to confess love,
right when it seems like true feelings will never be revealed

they conveniently forget to remind you
that 9/10 times, following your heart is treacherous
spontaneous impulsivity has repercussions
we are drawn to passionate people
individuals who ignite our hearts and minds
who inspire us to seek more, to pursue growth, to unravel our full potential
we are drawn to individuals with multiple dimensions
who challenge us in all aspects of life
yet sometimes such passionate people
succumb to making permanent decisions based on temporary emotion
we must remember that just as quickly as something is built, it can be broken
be careful who you entrust your heart to

i am inexplicably drawn to articulate, candid, and passionate men
those who constantly examine their hearts, who embrace their highs and lows
who are not afraid to feel, or to share their feelings with me
strapping into this roller coaster of emotion-
the rush is exhilarating
but just as you ascend to the highest peaks, you also hit the deepest valleys
their 4am crises are your 4am crises
their baggage is yours to unpack
i’ve learned that rather than pursuing heightened emotion
i now look for a man characterized by loyalty, integrity, and consistency
i now search for someone who knows the distinction between pursuing their passions and being ruled by their passions
be careful who you share deeply with
candid vulnerability is too often abused
and emotional attachment lingers long and strikes deep

moral of the story:
life is a balance
we are drawn to those who possess similar qualities and values
however, too many similarities may lead to conflict
do not shy away from embracing differences
do not be afraid to give others a chance
in the past, my significant other has always challenged me – pushing me to fulfill my potential, igniting me
today, i am looking to be that person
who brings out the best in someone else.


“and above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” {proverbs 4:23}

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