2019 Resolutions – Find Your Accountability Partner!

As 2018 winds to a close, I’ve been thinking about the ways I want to improve in 2019. I make a list of resolutions every year, but like most people – they last little more than a week. I realized that the key to successful resolutions is creating your list with an accountability partner, so I made mine with two friends on a shared Google Doc this year:

  1. Gym 4x/week – cardio + strength training
  2. No eating after 8pm (not on the level of intermittent fasting yet, but I’m getting there)
  3. Minimize dairy + sugar in diet; maximize lean meats + veggies
  4. Sleep by 11pm (instead of 2-3am) – wake up by 7am
  5. No caffeine – can’t revert to the dependency of college
  6. Start each day by reminding yourself of 3 blessings
  7. Find a church/life group in NYC that feels like home
  8. Set aside time to seek Jesus every night by reading the Bible/listening to worship music/praying
  9. Increase sensitivity – ask deeper questions + practice active listening
  10. Read 1 book/week to build knowledge and vocabulary – business/tech/lifestyle/novels
  11. Watch 1 TEDTalk or listen to 1 podcast/day (Spotify is a great resource; I recommend How I Built This w/ Guy Raz)
  12. Blog once/month – relationships, work-life balance, photography, spirituality, travel
  13. Do 1 photoshoot/month – keep fine-tuning portrait photography + Lightroom/Photoshop editing skills
  14. Learn how to cook 10-15 affordable, quick, and delicious recipes
  15. Sponsor a Compassion International Child ($38/month – reallocate coffee budget)
  16. Tithe 10% of base salary
  17. Pay $10,000 student loan debt
  18. Save $$$ for Dubai 2020 and Singapore 2021 – goal is to travel somewhere new at least once/year

More than anything, I want to continue growing next year – as a thinker, listener, writer, Christian, photographer, and friend. The only way to do so is by becoming more disciplined, by prioritizing my goals, and working to achieve them. 

What are some of your goals and how do you plan on accomplishing them? Who’s your go-to accountability partner?


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