the first night we met,
you didn’t save my number
i should’ve known

all those nights that turned to mornings
warm lips, your arm around my waist
intoxicated hookups became sober conversations
analyzing love, ambition, pain, growth
i mistook this temporary fixture
for a permanent connection
but your craving for love
your history of feeling misunderstood
were overpowered by your obsession with novelty

my stability proved too predictable.

i’m tired of our generation
a society characterized by instant gratification
we expect little and receive less
in searching for love,
we settle for lust
isn’t it time to defy the standard?

stop settling for occasional DMs
2am wyd texts
these single nights
temporarily numb your aching loneliness
until the 7am uber
when everything comes flooding back

you are worth so much more.

wait for the person
who saves your number
who cherishes your time
who values your opinion
who listens to your fears
who supports your ambitions
who encourages your autonomy

by setting your standards high
you speak your future into existence
you deserve consistency
stop settling for less.

-a reminder to make 2019 better than 2018

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