language barriers

you don’t waste words
i told you i liked that
lying in bed
stroking the planes of your face
trying to read the look in your eyes
too many people
talk for the sake of talking
in love with the sound of their own voices
but you don’t

after i said that
you laughed and thanked me
“i’ve always been this way”
little did i know

you don’t waste words
but the guard behind your eyes
doesn’t know how to open the gate
not even a tiny nook or cranny
i’m the type of person
who texts throughout a good day
a bad day
a mediocre day
you’re an internal processor
while i talk to make sense of my world,
you find peace in the radio static

it’s only after 3am
that your guard recognizes me
and the gates creak open
you take me on a tour
of your dreams & goals, visions & ambitions
your words are the entire Adobe creative suite
animating your family, history, the events that shaped you
i see your passion
your fierce loyalty
and your utter protectiveness of the ones you love

it’s only after 3am
that i realize
although we process differently
our souls speak the same language.



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