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holmdelparkI wrote my first story at age 6 about the wizard Tandalf and his adventures through Entwood Forest. While other kids liked to draw, play soccer, or watch TV, I was glued to reading. My mom often had to confiscate my library books so that I wouldn’t stay up all night to find out “what happened next.”

From a young age, I was enchanted by the foreign worlds that novels allowed me to step foot in. These included a snowy wonderland through the back of a wardrobe, a school of magic where no muggles were allowed, and a camp for demigods in the middle of New York. Narnia, Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson were only a few of the inspirations that spurred me to write multiple short stories.

As I grew older, writing became the way I processed adolescence. My stories turned into poetry and spoken word — addressing heartache, purpose, culture, generational differences, and dissecting what it means to grow up as a third-generation Chinese American in suburban New Jersey.

I currently work in Manhattan’s legal professional development industry. While most of my writing today (unfortunately) consists of work emails, you can find some of my poetry and short stories here. One of my goals is to start creating more lifestyle content — including fashion resources for other petite businesswomen, skincare holy grails, and travel tips. Stay tuned. 🙂

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