The Vulnerability Challenge

It’s been quite a year. I stopped writing for a while. I didn’t know how to process certain events...and so I ran away from them! I numbed myself to feeling pain - not realizing that it also numbed me to joy, true community, and all the beautiful moments that make life worth living. Emotional unavailability … Continue reading The Vulnerability Challenge

From Homeschooler to NYC Business Executive: Does Homeschooling Produce Successful Adults?

My childhood was unconventional, to say the least. When I entered college, I avoided telling anyone about my educational background because I already knew their reaction. Wide, surprised eyes, then their brows would crease in confusion. “Homeschooled? From preschool to college?! But you’re so normal! What was it like?” I grew tired of explaining it. … Continue reading From Homeschooler to NYC Business Executive: Does Homeschooling Produce Successful Adults?


nothing terrifies me more than sheer honesty utter vulnerability my soul is scared to be naked in front of you my heart is scared of the commitment it longs for some words can never be taken back i’ve heard that love feels like falling free falling is exhilarating, breathtaking, it is absolutely dangerous what if … Continue reading Jump

Don’t Settle

What does love look like? And why is it worth waiting for? Last year was wild. Through a variety of relationships and experiences, I feel like I've learned a little more about what love looks like - and what it absolutely is not. True love is selfless. True love is sacrifice. It’s prioritizing the physical, … Continue reading Don’t Settle


you had a tiger mom too it was the first thing you told me soft r&b crooning in the dusky twilight sipping old caprisuns from my fridge, drawing patterns in the condensation your eyes brightened when you talked about your sisters dimmed when you described your mom she pushed you hard, too hard maybe contrary … Continue reading Pillowtalk

Summer ’16: Meemom’s

I thought this summer would be full of adventure. Spontaneous trips to NYC, late night excursions with friends from home and school, numerous beach days - too many to count. Instead, my summer consisted of (speed) walking between a kitchen and tables, surrounded by grey blue walls and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Meemom’s, … Continue reading Summer ’16: Meemom’s